Burned-out and suffocating!
I already lost the ability to cover it up…

I’m standing on the edge of a chasm. Vast one. Opening its black maw ready to devour everything. And here I’m standing on this edge, but this is not where I want to be.

I stand.
My feet immobilized while the everyday is a constant stretch of my upper body trying to exist… trying to live. My feet don’t move, there in front of the chasm, and I stretch more and more… and with every move I lose balance, and the abyss is waiting. I reach to grab onto something, but there is no strength left in me to pull myself out. I wanna scream for help, cause silence brought me here but the more I scream the more I fear that the ones that answer will fall into the chasm. If I stop screaming – I build a wall… and again I’m left alone. I know this wall, I’ve build it once. At that time I thought me was strong enough to handle everything. Stupid childish naivete. In front of the abyss with friable ground beneath my feet. Only one step is needed… and all will end. One step… The result is up to the chosen direction – to fall in the chasm or the opposite, risking while stepping away to lose balance and go down.

I stand.
How long till my legs can’t hold me no more and I fall to the ground?

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